Family Literacy Day is Jan. 27

Tomorrow is Family Literacy Day

Celebrate and foster literacy in your home by:
*Reading with your kids;
*Creating a story together;
*Explaining some current events to them;
*Giving them a book or a magazine; or
*Letting them read to you.

I read the five Robert Munsch books to my son (see last post) and we entered our names to help Canada beat the US’s “reading to children” record. Since more than 190,000 people registered, it’s possible we blew that record out of the water. Oooh, literacy can get so competitive!

Even though my son has heard those Munsch books zillions of times, we had a great time reading them together. And in “Mortimer,” every time the parents put him to bed, our whole family sang at the top of our lungs, “Clang, clang, rattle bing-bang – gonna make my noise all day!” If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then here’s your FLD assignment: Read Robert Munsch’s Mortimer. You’ll be glad you did.

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  1. Thanks for suggesting Mortimer! Any other good books to suggest?

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