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Internet word game: Dungeon Scroll

They won’t even realize they’re learning.

If you’ve got a child who’s into computer games but you’d rather they read, here’s something that will make you an ultra-cool parent.
It’s called Dungeon Scroll, and it’s simple and fun.
In each “dungeon” you face an enemy.
You defeat the enemies by casting words at them, which you create from the random letters you’re given.
Each enemy requires a certain number of words to defeat it.
At the same time, your “health” decreases so you’ve got to think fast.
You can’t use the same word twice, and longer words defeat the enemy faster. Good, and good.
There are three levels, for kids who are really good at scramble games and kids who aren’t.
You can play 80 minutes of the game for free. After that, you have to download it for $6.99.
The free time is long enough so you’ll know whether your child likes it well enough to pay for it.

Note: Thanks to Emily for providing a new link to the game (in 2018) when the old one broke. Thanks!

Seriously, your child will enjoy this game. And seriously, you’ll be the coolest parent ever. Again. Thanks to Getting Kids Reading. (Yer welcome.)


  1. The Book Chook

    I love word games, as does my family. I will definitely take a look. Do you know Bookworm? It's another one, perhaps for teens more, and lots of fun. You need to make your best word to defeat the enemy from a grid of tiled letters.

  2. Thanks – I'll check out Bookworm.
    Here's a link to it.
    I see there's also "Bookworm Adventures" which might also be fun.

  3. The Book Chook

    Yes, it is. After playing your Dungeon game, I would say Bookworm has a more sophisticated interface, but similar principle of re-organizing letters to find words.

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