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Review: Dust City

Dust City by Robert Paul WestonGary Kohl – elementary schoolteacher and writer – offers his review of Dust City, by Robert Paul Weston.
The book is recommended for kids age 12+.

By Gary Kohl

Robert Paul Weston’s new book, Dust City, has many magical elements scattered through its 300 pages of mystery and intrigue. Weston reaches back to the Brothers Grimm, Charles Perrault, and ancient mythology to weave his spells and adventures. These magical elements are both literal and abstract as the title refers to the dust that fairies use to grant wishes.

Our main character, Henry Whelp, son of the famed big bad wolf from the Grimm’s “Little Red Riding Hood,” is determined to follow through on his now incarcerated father’s plans to discover the truth regarding the disappearance of fairies and their magical dust. Not only will this quest help him to clear his father’s name, it may stop a great injustice that could have significant consequences for all creatures living in this world of dwarves, giants, talking animals, and more. Along the way, the reader encounters many familiar characters, from Jack, of beanstalk fame, to a cold-hearted villain with a King Midas touch.

Robert Paul Weston’s book will appeal to readers who have been enjoying the world of fantasy so wonderfully re-energized over the past 10 years by the Harry Potter series. The chapters are short, with each one leaving the reader wondering what outlandish characters are going to appear next to challenge or befriend our hero on his quest to save everything he cares about.

Readers can expect everything, from a love interest to some horrific acts that sometimes catch you off guard. Readers can really let their imaginations run wild while trying to picture what some of Weston’s creatures might really look like and, quite often, smell like.

Some chapters are not for the faint-of-heart, but if it’s adventure and life and death scenarios you’re after, then Dust City should prove wholly satisfying and easy to follow.

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