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Bunk Bed Buddy holds books beside top bunk

Bunk Bed Buddy - shelf for your bunk bedMy son has a loft bed. It’s like a bunk bed, except there’s no bottom bunk – there’s a desk under there instead. So he always sleeps up in the clouds.

The eternal problem, when you’re way up on the top bunk, is that you can’t get at your stuff.

And by “stuff” I mean “books.”

And Kleenex, and bedside light, and drinks… and books.

So, in the “I-can’t-believe-someone-didn’t-come-up-with-this-sooner” category is: The Bunk Bed Buddy.

It’s essentially a lightweight, sturdy holder for all your stuff. It hangs up there on the wall beside where you sleep in your bunk bed.

My son loves his. He keeps a variety of books in it, and… well, mostly books. And magazines.

So now, his bed is like a little fort, with all his favourite stuff within reach.

He doesn’t have to climb all the way down the ladder when he’s finished his book—he can just grab another one from the Bunk Bed Buddy.

The Bunk Bed Buddy is manufactured by TidyBooks. It’s appropriately priced at $79.99 and it’s available through (No, I don’t get a commission.)


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