Guest Post: Write a book with your child

Jack By Nicole Plyler Fisk

If you want to get a kid reading, get him writing. A great way to do that? Create a story with your child. Even better? Self-publish it. It sounds hard, but if you’re at all book-y, it can be a simple and fun process. Here’s how:

1) Brainstorm

Talk with your child about their interests — those things that make them unique — and make a list of fun combinations. See the photo above? That’s my son Jack, circa 2013, resplendent in his pirate hat and Thomas the Train tattoos. What if, I asked him, a pirate family had a train instead of a ship? Coolest book idea ever, Jack said.

2) Research

Once you have your book idea, you need to research it to find some cool facts that can be peppered through your story. Google is your friend. We typed in “gem hunting, usa” and voila! Thank you, Jamie Pearson, for “Top Seven Places To Go Gem Hunting On Your Next Family Vacation.” With one click, we had something my son was interested in reading; the setting for seven pirate train books—and a list of future Fisk family vacation destinations!

3) Write

4) Illustrate

Maybe your kid wants to illustrate his own book. If not, consider hiring an illustrator. This requires research (see: your friend, Google). Commission some samples, and let your kid help with both choosing the illustrator and writing instructions for the illustrations.

5) PublishThe Pirate Train cover

Thank you twenty-first century and self-publishing sites like LuLu.com for making this as easy as uploading a document file.

6) Read it (over and over and over again) with your child

Introducing our book: The Pirate Train. A book that your child wrote himself will be read so many times you won’t even believe it.

Your biggest problem?  Selling enough copies/making enough money to do it again… times seven.

Nicole PlNicole Fisk headshotyler Fisk has a PhD in English (“Dissertation on the Brontë sisters, anyone?”) and homeschools her two children, Jack and Arina. She and Jack created The Pirate Train last year and are working on more books in the series. Visit her website at www.thepiratetrain.com. Here’s a link to an online reading of the book.

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