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Wallpaper can help with literacy? Erm… maybe!

Wallpaper Dickens close upYes, I’m saying that I can make a case for a link between (certain) wallpaper, and getting kids to read.

Bear with me, here.

Do you remember seeing a book cover or an illustration when you were a child–an image that has stayed with you? Of course you do. It might be a sweet, old Winnie the Pooh illustration or the cover of a Harry Potter book. Something that took you back into your reading world. A happy place. It’s just that kind of “feeling” or memory that helps to hook kids on reading.

That’s what I’m thinking about this wallpaper.

Put this up in your child’s bedroom, to surround her or him with lovely characters from literature.

The Facts: It’s super-thick, extremely durable wallpaper–with a corresponding price, frankly, but you get what you pay for, and you don’t have to buy a lot of it. In fact, you probably wouldn’t want to plaster an entire room with it. One wall, or even one section of wall, will do. And it’s soft to touch–the paper equivalent of velvet but a bit rougher.

Wallpaper Alice in Wonderland close upBut look, just look at it! Gorgeous characters from Alice in Wonderland, Dickens and The Wizard of Oz. In that olde-timey style. And in two sizes: tiny little gems you have to peer at to appreciate, and larger images, no less charming.

Disclosure: There is nothing to disclose. They didn’t send me anything except a few 8″ samples so I could see it in person and feel it. In fact, I’m thinking of buying some. So this article could actually cost me money. Sigh.Wallpaper Dickens

Here’s where to buy it:
Murals Wallpaper. Here are all the lovely literature designs (there are three). It’s $34 Cdn. per square metre. I know, ouch, right? But lovely–see above–lovely. Oh, and while you’re on the site, check out this mural of a Scottish knitted sweater. Co-zy.


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