Reading theory, Reluctant readers

Tailor the literacy activity to the kid

What’s your child like?

Super-active and sporty? A slow and steady thinker? Artsy?

If you’re frustrated by your child’s reading (or lack thereof), first think about your child. Think about their hobbies–and if all you can come up with is TV or video games, it counts, because that’s what they’re interested in. Think about what they’d rather be doing more than anything else. What do they talk about when they’re at home? What is their favourite subject at school?

Then, tailor some reading material to those interests.

To do that, you might have to think outside the box. Let’s get them hooked on reading, first–we’ll deal with actually reading the kind of stuff you wish they were reading, later (after they’re hooked on reading itself).

If they’re into Pokemon Go,  think Tips and Cheats for Pokemon (there are tons of books about that–they’re not “cheating” cheats, btw).

If they’re into TV: Think about their favourite shows and maybe find a suitable magazine.

If they’re into eating or cooking: A great recipe book they can follow on their own.

Arts and crafts: Try the wonderful Klutz series. It’s always great.

Sports and active games: Here are some great literacy activities for kids that just can’t sit still.

This whole concept is kind of lovely. First, you sit and really think about your kid. How often do we get a chance to do that? Really think about what they actually like (rather than what we wish they liked, or what we tell other people they like). And then, thinking creatively about how we can turn that hobby into a reading activity.

You might be surprised how eagerly your child reads what you’ve brought home, when it’s something that connects with what they enjoy doing.

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