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Letter Bounce: fun, word-based game

There are lots of word games out there, but not all of them are fun.

Here’s a good one that’s fun, just the right balance between easy and challenging, and it’s free.
(Well, freemium, meaning it does offer in-app purchases but you don’t need them.)

The app is called Letter Bounce (in spite of its icon in the App Store, which just says LET – TER).

It’s like a crossword, except you don’t get any clues. Each grid has a theme, either stated or in some cases early on, unstated but pretty easy to figure out.

The grid will have a few letters already placed. At the bottom are two-letter combos that you drag up and put into the crossword.

The key is, the combos only fit in certain places and will turn sideways or vertically depending on where they fit. You have to play it a couple of times to get this–it’s hard to explain. Also, the two-letter combos can be used backwards or forwards. In other words, WO could also be OW.

Once you fit the combos into the grid it will either ignore you — meaning, you’re incorrect. Or it will sort of flash and accept the letters, in which case you move onto another part of the grid.

It starts off really simple, but quickly becomes challenging. And then, here’s the best part — it gets kind-of-sort-of difficult and then plateaus. Just when it’s perfect, it stays at that level of difficulty.

It’s great for learning vowel- and consonant combos, something that readers have to tackle. And it’s fun.

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