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#365 Canadians on Twitter @idontlikemunday

Joan Fletcher Bamford, by illustrator Evan Munday @idontlikemunday

Canadian illustrator (and author) Evan Munday has a great project going on Twitter, and it might get your kid interested in reading about interesting Canadians.

Every day in 2017 (Canada’s 150th anniversary), he’s posting an illustration of a “famous Canadian you don’t know.”

Each one features a short (well, Twitter-length or sometimes a couple of tweets) blurb about them. And I’m willing to bet that your kid will be intrigued enough by some of them, to want to find out more, themselves.

For instance, meet Joan Fletcher Bamford. According to Munday’s tweets: She was a “WWIIdriver who shepherded 2,000 Dutch civilians from japanese prison camp through Sumatran jungle. She (somehow) commanded 70 captured (but armed) Japanese soldiers to guide the 2,000 evacuees through the jungle to rescue. Astonishingly, after the war a Japanese officer presented her with his family’s 300-year-old samurai sword to recognize her bravery (!).”

How to find them
Follow Munday on Twitter @idontlikemunday and follow the hashtag #365Canadians.

Munday also writes The Dead Kid Detective Agency series of middle-grade novels. For more information on his books, visit http://www.idontlikemundays.com/books/.

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