Great books, Reluctant readers

Images + Text Blurbs = Reading

Interesting images paired with small, explanatory bits of text. That’s a winning combination for many reluctant readers.

It’s the secret behind books like the Guinness Book of Records, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Klutz books–and so on.

Innovation Nation takes a look at 50 great Canadian inventions.

The book was created to help celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, by Canada’s most recent Governor-General, David Johnston, and Tom Jenkins.

It groups them into categories of Canadian inventions that made the world: smarter, smaller, kinder, safer, healthier, wealthier and happier.

Under “safer,” for instance, you get the life jacket (Inuit whale hunters made the first flotation devices, sewn from sealskin), and the Robertson screwdriver (the square-headed screwdriver Canadians know well; it prevents accidents caused by slippage–and it was used by Henry Ford).

Under “wealthier,” you get Canada Dry ginger ale, the chocolate bar and the whoopee cushion. Each blurb contains a bit of information–but not too much–about the invention.

The book is illustrated in a funky, retro style by Josh Holinaty.

You can order it and get more information about Innovation Nation at All proceeds from the book go to the Rideau Hall Foundation, “for activities and programs that inspire and support innovation by Canadians,” according to a media release. Innovation Nation is $24.99 and is for ages 8-12. It’s also available as an ebook. There is also a companion book for adults, called Ingenious.




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