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Great, interactive stories for kids

Please check out my interactive mystery story, Mina’s One-Minute Mystery, which I wrote for Math Storytime.

Reading apps are great to help get kids reading, because they can use them alone and even have the app “read” the story to them.

Mina’s One Minute Mystery can be viewed in an app on a phone, or on a computer.

Kids can flip through the story (and many others) and its wonderful illustrations by artist Jan Dolby.

Mina’s One-Minute Mystery is the tale of Mina, who is trying to figure out exactly how long “one minute” is. She asks her brother and her sister, and still doesn’t quite get it. Her grandmother suggests she jump in the air–which is about a second. Mina tries a few other “one-minute” activities and eventually figures out how long a minute is … and how long until dinnertime!

Kids can use the app’s simple navigation (backward and forward buttons).

They can read the story themselves or have it read to them, with lots of fun sound effects.

Check out all of the other great stories on Math Storytime from some of Canada’s best kidlit authors and illustrators including Kari-Lynn Winters, Peggy Collins and Mireille Messier.

Mina’s One Minute-Mystery, and all of the great interactive stories, are also available in French! All of the stories, and the app, are free.

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