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Wicked Nix a great book for middle-grade readers

Part fairy tale, part magical adventure, Wicked Nix is beautifully written and will spark the imaginations of middle-grade readers.

Author Lena Coakley (who I know, but to be fair, in the Canadian kidlit industry most of us know each other) has woven a fascinating tale about a wicked fairy who must banish a human usurper from the forest, before the Fairy Queen gets back.

Nix threatens the human with magical spells. However, since Nix can’t actually cast any magic, he needs to find “tricks” that will do the job.

It’s a wonderful, readable book that balances magic and realism to create a lovely blend of story and character that kids will love. Throughout the book, we can’t help but wonder if not all is as it seems, and indeed, this is the case–the ending provides a satisfying twist.

This is a one-off read that’s perfect for kids, or adults who read to them.

Lovely illustrations by Jaime Zollars add to the magic.

Wicked Nix, 163 pages, by Lena Coakley, illustrated by Jaime Zollars, published by HarperCollins Canada, $16.99.

PS: Please don’t ask me why the image of Wicked Nix on my home page is sideways (is it, on your computer?)–I can’t explain it. It’s upright everywhere else, and I’ve used the same image! I can only imagine that Nix is up to his tricks again. Back off, Nix! This is my home! (You’ll get that when you read the book.)

Wicked Nix, by Lena Coakley; illustrated by Jaime Zollars

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