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Dyslexia-friendly books

I just found out that Lorimer (which publishes my middle-grade novels) has a line of “dyslexia-friendly” books. I’ve just read their The Secret Games of Maximus Todd, Hyper to the Max, and it was terrific.

I was fascinated by the pains they’ve taken to make the series easier to read for kids with dyslexia. Here’s how Lorimer formats their dyslexia-friendly books:

They use a font called OpenDyslexic, which was created specifically for dyslexic readers. The bottoms of letters are weighted, to help prevent letters from flipping around.

You can download it for free (and/or donate) at

Here’s a sample of OpenDyslexic:

Lorimer also says they:

  • use cream-coloured paper that’s matte rather than glossy, to reduce glare
  • keep the text all left-justified (and ragged-right)
  • don’t hyphenate words (unless required for grammar)
  • use heavier paper to prevent the words on the other side of the page from showing through
  • put lots of space between lines and paragraphs
  • use wide margins and headers to break up the text

I enjoyed Maximus Todd — there’s a whole series featuring this super-likable character and the things he does to try to cope with his ADHD.

The Maximus Todd series is written by L. M. Nicodemo and illustrated by Graham Ross. You can find it at Lorimer here.

Check out Maximus Todd’s website here:

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