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Make a word search

I created this simple word search puzzle online at Discovery Education.

There are lots of free, online sites that will let you make a fun word search puzzle.

They’re great for car rides, snow (or rainy) days, or any time when your kid says “I’m bored!” And of course, they’re terrific for literacy because the more exposure kids have to words, the more likely they will be to identify them when they’re reading.

Think about creating a word search that’s relevant to your child or to your family. It could include some family names or street names, the name of your child’s school or friends, hobbies your child likes, book titles that are your child’s favourite.

If you’re really feeling enthusiastic, you could create a word search that has words the child can string together into a sentence that leads to some kind of prize. Like: Look Behind The Tree In Our Backyard To Find A Surprise.

If your child is old enough (and here’s where you can get an older child to keep your younger child busy and they’re both happy) get THEM to create the word search. It’s super easy, and even fun.

Here’s a link to the online site I used (Discovery Education) to create the word search here, but there are tons online. Just Google “create free word search” and you’ll get some. I suggest that you do a small one, to test the website–some of them let you get all the way finished, and then make you pay or subscribe or something.

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