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Eric Walters is appealing to librarians

Beloved (and prolific!) children’s author Eric Walters wants school librarians to let students take out books during the summer. He says it will help to avoid the “summer slump,” when students’ reading skills tend to backslide during the summer.

We’ve written here about the summer slump. It’s a thing.

If avoiding the summer slump isn’t enough of an incentive, here’s what Eric will do for participating libraries:

  • Email him at and he’ll send you a signed poster and bookmarks.
  • Orca Publishing will give you 50 to 75% off books to replace any that go missing after this program.
  • Eric will include information about your school’s program in his fall round-up. That’s good for everyone, including the kids, since there will be solid information about the summer backslide and what works to counteract it.

This is an incredible program–good for students and good for your library. Many schools have already signed up. Join them. And follow Eric on Twitter @EricRWalters. (Don’t forget the R or you’ll be following a guy in Europe. He’s nice (trust me, I’ve chatted with him–true story) but he’s not this Eric Walters.

Check out some of my past articles about the summer slump and tips to keep your kids reading during the summer:

Here is Eric’s complete appeal and offer to librarians:

Eric Walters is the best-selling Canadian author of over 100 books for children and young people. He is a former elementary teacher, social worker, and proud recipient of the Order of Canada. Each year he presents to over 100,000 students across North America, talking about his passion for literature and literacy.

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