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Duck Days book review

Duck Days is a heart-warming chapter book for early readers.

It’s the third in a series; the main character is Lauren, who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. All of the books are lovely reads about friendship, perseverance and the challenges life brings to us all. In Duck Days, Lauren uses the concepts of “go with the flow” and “water off a duck’s back” to help her deal with last-minute changes to her plans.

Here’s the blurb from Pajama Press’s website, which does an excellent job summing up Duck Days:

“Irma is Lauren’s best friend. Irma knows all the strategies Lauren uses when her Autism Spectrum Disorder makes it hard to “go with the flow.” Lauren helps Irma learn English words and understand unfamiliar customs. So why does Irma suddenly want to introduce Lauren to her mountain-biking, litter-dropping neighbor Jonas? Why is Irma calling Jonas her friend?

“As if sharing Irma weren’t bad enough, Lauren also has an alarming new problem at school. Their teacher has announced a mountain biking day when the students will learn to ride their bikes on an obstacle course. But Lauren still uses training wheels. She just can’t face the teasing she will get when her classmates see them. She isn’t brave like Irma. She can’t go with the flow like Dad. How can she possibly face this challenge?

“From author Sara Leach and illustrator Rebecca Bender comes an honest and warm-hearted successor to the critically acclaimed Slug Days and Penguin Days. With straightforward text and frequent black-and-white illustrations, Duck Days is an accessible chapter book for any young reader with mountains of their own to climb.”

I’m going to add that even if your young reader doesn’t have the same mountains to climb as Lauren, Duck Days and the other books in the series, are a good choice.

If you’re not familiar with Rebecca Bender’s illustrations, think of a warm hug or a comforting blanket on a chilly fall day and that will give you an idea. Check out her website here.

Duck Days is available in hardback for $19.95; published by Pajama Press; 117 pages with black-and-white illustrations on nearly every page. Other books in the series: Slug Days and Penguin Days.

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We encourage you to shop with one of Canada’s independent booksellers; check out this list by NewPages.

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