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North American House Hippo
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Parents can teach media literacy

The North American House Hippo exists… right? Move media literacy up on your curriculum. The world for kids today is increasingly packed with messages from the media that are contradictory, confusing and overwhelming. (By media, I mean primarily advertisers, news organizations and the Internet.) Media literacy—being able to make sense of […]

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Scrabble Flash (Boggle Flash)

Don’t you wish there was a board game that encourages literacy – but which your kid would actually enjoy? Scrabble Flash goes one better… it’s also electronic, which kids love. And it’s completely portable, packing down into a little holder about the size of a small TV remote. (Which parents […]

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License Plate Game

Our family recently took an 11-hour car trip. And guess what we did in the car? Played Julia’s License Plate Game. It was great! First of all, it took our son away from his DS video game (curse you, Pokemon!). Secondly, it did exactly what Julia said it would – […]

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Sequencing game (online)

My friend’s daughter needs some practice with “sequencing.” Sequencing is important for reading, because it helps you understand what comes first, what comes next, and what’s last. That goes for words, sentences and stories. A game you can make One thing you can do to practice sequencing is to take […]