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Teaching Kids the News

We’ve just launched an exciting new website that offers kid-friendly news articles.
Teaching Kids the News provides daily news articles, appropriate for kids (approximately grades 1-6).
Some articles also have ESL (English as a Second Language) versions.
The site can be used by parents; by teachers in the classroom; by homeschoolers and by kids themselves.

On the Internet

Save the Words

Won’t you adopt a word? You don’t normally think of the Oxford English Dictionary people as silly, but they’ve developed a project that’s pretty goofy, and it’s something you can do with your kid to get her thinking about language. They’ve rounded up hundreds of words that don’t get used […]

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WORDS, an image-and-word poem

WORDS is a brilliant short (1:54) film that blends images to create a flowing “word poem” that is lovely, fun and thought-provoking. It starts out with “play,” which leads to “blow” and then “break” and “split” and then “run.” The images examine all aspects of the words. For instance, “run” is a person running, and […]

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Blocks With Letters On 3

Oh my, this one’s tricky! If you have a kid who’s a real fan of puzzles, he’ll love the newest Blocks With Letters On online game – their third in the series. Once again, you have to figure out what word the jumbled letters spell, and then try to manipulate […]