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One-Page Wonders

A fun, one-page book your child will want to read. Here is an awesome, one-page book you make. There are three simple steps: 1) Download the .pdf of instructions. 2) Download and print the .pdf of the book (colour). 3) Fold the book according to the instructions. OK, a fourth […]


Great game: Tick Tock Boom

Tick… Tock… Boom is an awesome game my son discovered. You flip over a card that has two or three letters on it: for instance, OU or IRD or REW. Then, each person has to say a word that includes those letters. The catch is, after you say your word, […]

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A cool way to get kids reading

Your child’s Nintendo DS is a reading tool. Betchya didn’t know that. And maybe your child doesn’t either. And just maybe you’re about to be the coolest parent ever. Well, this week. Your child loves the DS, right? Well, there’s a “PICTOCHAT” function that lets two DSs talk back and […]

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Writing in light

So, here’s a pretty cool product. Crayola’s Glow Station is essentially a flexible white board made of a phosphorescent material. It comes with a pen-flashlight so kids can “write” (or draw) using light. At first, I thought it was a one-trick pony. My son used it the first time for […]

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Scrabble time!

The holidays are perfect for Scrabble. Turn off the TV, get out the board, pour the adults some red wine. Crack open a bag of Doritos. And create a new holiday tradition. Here’s the Scrabble board from our game last night. Because our son’s seven, he gets to double his […]

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Tag helps kids read, learn

“Tag” could be a great learning device for your not-big-on-reading child. It’s essentially a wireless, electronic pen. When you poke a special “Tag” book with it, the book talks. Kids can hear the story, listen to the characters speak, play games and identify words.You have to use the Tag books, […]

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Hallowe’en is for learning

No, not really – it’s for candy and for zombies. But in the midst of our Hallowe’en party today, I managed to sneak in some learning. We had hidden “eyeballs” (bouncy balls with corneas printed on them) in the backyard. Each child had to find five with their initials on […]