Rory Story Cubes
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Rory’s Story Cubes – simple, elegant literacy fun

Here is a simple, elegant, wonderful game that’s great for: • Story-building • Fostering imagination • Putting events in sequence • Inspiration for writing a story • Staving off boredom while you’re waiting at a restaurant • General all-round silliness. There are nine dice. Each one has six simple pictures. For instance, a happy […]

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Sequencing game (online)

My friend’s daughter needs some practice with “sequencing.” Sequencing is important for reading, because it helps you understand what comes first, what comes next, and what’s last. That goes for words, sentences and stories. A game you can make One thing you can do to practice sequencing is to take […]

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New Tag books

Tag has some new books for learning short and long vowel sounds. You know I love the whole LeapFrog system. My son learned so much from it when he was little. So when I received these book kits, I was excited.What I discovered, however, is that you have to:a) Find […]