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Dust City by Robert Paul Weston
Great books

Review: Dust City

Gary Kohl – elementary schoolteacher and writer – offers his review of Dust City, by Robert Paul Weston. The book is recommended for kids age 12+. By Gary Kohl Robert Paul Weston’s new book, Dust City, has many magical elements scattered through its 300 pages of mystery and intrigue. Weston reaches […]

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Why adults should read children’s books

When kids see adults reading they’re more likely to read, themselves. It isn’t just a theory, there’s been research done on this.

When a kid sees an adult reading a children’s book, he’s even more likely to read. Try picking up a kid’s book for yourself the next time you’re at the library; the effect on your child will be very interesting.

My literacy colleague, Jen Robinson, has a slew of other great reasons why adults should read children’s literature.

Jacket cover: Bone - Quest for the Spark
Great books

A Bone… novel?!

Take a dash of something kids like… and add a dash of something parents like… and you’ve got Bone, the novel.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith has long been an enormous hit with kids. At our elementary school library, we have tons of copies of each one of them and we can’t keep ’em shelved (I know, because I help do the shelving.)

The kids are nutty about Bone. Me, not so much. While I respect the plain fact that something that’s that popular with kids has to be on to something, I find Bone kind of hard to relate to. But that’s probably good (for me, and for Bone) since I’m not the target audience.