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Kidlit trends for 2017

Want to know what the new year holds for children’s literature? Keeping in mind this is just one publisher–albeit a big one–here are Scholastic’s trends for (presumably American but probably Canadian as well–don’t know about other countries) children’s literature. That was a very complicated sentence. Sorry. Here are the trends: […]

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Instruction books great for literacy

Most of us are motivated by rewards. It’s the theory behind gamification–video games are so addictive because every small step brings some kind of reward, like a coin or a level-up. In literacy, that theory applies to instruction-type manuals, like recipes. As a child reads, he’s working toward a goal–the meal he’s creating. Books […]


Book + board game = getting kids reading!

GUEST POST By children’s author, illustrator and board game geek Debbie Ohi. Board games that might help get kids reading? Plus a great book+game holiday combo gift idea? After playing and loving wizard school engine-building game Arcane Academy (which is gaming fun for all ages), I’m dying to read the […]