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Jacket cover: Bone - Quest for the Spark
Great books

A Bone… novel?!

Take a dash of something kids like… and add a dash of something parents like… and you’ve got Bone, the novel.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith has long been an enormous hit with kids. At our elementary school library, we have tons of copies of each one of them and we can’t keep ’em shelved (I know, because I help do the shelving.)

The kids are nutty about Bone. Me, not so much. While I respect the plain fact that something that’s that popular with kids has to be on to something, I find Bone kind of hard to relate to. But that’s probably good (for me, and for Bone) since I’m not the target audience.

Great books Superheroes

Superhero School

Kids love superheroes. But… …superheroes are usually found in comics. And parents want kids to read books. Plus, superhero comics are often too violent for younger children. Solution: books with superheroes. Superhero School, by Aaron Reynolds, is just such a book, and it’s terrific. Protagonist Leonard is a kid with super-strength […]

Boys Crafts

Mother-Son bookclub part II

Our mother-son book club met again this week. It’s a great example of parents taking their children’s literacy into their own hands. And anyone can do it – you can do it. The boys drew, read, wrote, ate, chatted, answered quiz questions and had an amazing time. Once again, the […]


Series on "how school is failing boys"

The Globe and Mail is beginning a new series tomorrow, taking a look at “why school is failing boys.” They say that boys earn lower grades overall than girls in elementary school and high school. They do more poorly than girls in reading and writing and they are more likely to have […]

Boys Crafts

Mother-Son book club

My friend Joulie is a supermom. That needs to be said right off the bat. There is no way to live up to the things that Joulie does with her kids. And for the kids at the school. And for the neighbourhood kids. Luckily, I don’t have to be as good […]

Boys Great books

Macdonald Hall

Most of the summer, my son has been absorbed by the Macdonald Hall series, by Gordon Korman. Set in a Canadian boarding school, it’s all about the antics of Bruno Walton and Boots O’Neal, who share a dorm room – and get into a lot of mischievous fun. The MH […]