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The Red Pyramid

Looking for the next great book? Here’s a conversation I’ve had a couple of times recently: Parent: “I need a good book for my son.” Me: “What books has he already enjoyed?” And then the list goes like this, not necessarily in this order: * The Bone series * Diary […]


The "Air Mail" game

My son’s friend likes to play “air mail” whenever he comes over on a playdate. It’s a great game and I know that it works on their literacy skills because I’ve seen improvements. It involves a bit of the adult’s time, but it’s such a fun game that I indulge […]


Physical literacy games

It’s a good idea to link learning to physical activity. I was inspired this week by my son’s teacher, who was teaching them fractions by having them throw balls into various buckets marked 1/7, 1/3, 1/4, etc. They had to add them up and avoid making an improper fraction. I […]


The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

Just when you thought the Wimpy Kid series couldn’t get any better, author Jeff Kinney has outdone himself. He’s created The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary—a non-fiction version of the Wimpy Kid books. How great is that? We know how much kids love the Wimpy Kid books. And then there was […]


Great online game: Clockwords

Clockwords is an online word game I can’t stop playing. (Must. Stop. Playing… Have. Deadlines…) Here’s why it might be good for your child – in moderation, something I’m not particularly good at, so be forewarned. 1) LiteracyThe game is based on you (uh, your child, that is) coming up […]


Get your video-kid reading

Kids can be into video games and enjoy reading, too! Your child loves video games but isn’t a big reader? No problem. Here are some tips that will get your video-loving kid reading. 1) GO WITH THE FLOW. Studies show that kids are more apt to read things that interest […]


Getting active kids reading

Sitting and reading is not the only way. At age five, girls are able to sit still and listen about 2.5 times longer than boys, according to studies. But we don’t need research to tell us that most boys would rather get up and move around than sit and read. […]


Why Percy Jackson is awesome

Now this is a goood book. How do I know that Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief is a good book? Here’s how: The other day my son was home sick with an ear infection (he’s fine now). Even when he’s sick, he normally never stops moving around, playing sports, […]


Percy Jackson and the Olympians

“Surprise!” When my son went to bed last night, this is what he found on his pillow – a Coles bookstore bag, with a book-sized lump in it. You’re eight, you don’t feel like going to bed, you’re dragging your feet, prolonging the inevitable… and then you find a new […]


Profile: Male, 14, likes movies, skiing

Some great teen fantasy reads Do you know a teenaged boy who’s into movies, skiing and video games? Maybe he’ll like the same books as this young man. PROFILEMale, 14, enjoys reading DESCRIBE YOURSELFFunny, tall, smart, athletic LIKESVideo games, books, movies, skiing TOP FIVE FAVOURITE BOOKS1) Percy Jackson and the […]