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Brain game: Connections

Here’s a fun game we were playing at the dinner table recently. It’s called “Connections,” and it’s great to help with creativity and get the blood flowing to the ol’ brain cells – not just for your kids but for you, too. You start. You name two objects that seemingly […]

Girls Great books

Newest Twilight book – free

the short second life of bree tanner – by Stephenie Meyer It’s hot off the press and today until July 5 it’s available free online here. The book is a novella, only 178 pages, and its protagonist is one of the minor characters from Meyer’s earlier novel, Eclipse. Bree Tanner […]

Great books

Theodore Boone by John Grisham

Does your child want to be a lawyer? Does he negotiate bedtime like Alan Dershowitz? Does he want to put the bad guys behind bars? If this is your kid, then you need to buy John Grisham’s new book for young adults, Theodore Boone, Kid Lawyer. Grisham has written 22 […]