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Make a book for Christmas

This is a great time to make your child a book for Christmas or Hannukah.Children of all ages are motivated to read a book about their favourite subject – themselves. Here’s how*Buy a small scrapbook with stiff pages. (Craft stores have them. You can also use a photo album.) *Select […]


Great reading tool – Boggle Jr.

I’m excited – I’ve got a great reading tool your (young) kids will love. I e-mailed Hasbro and asked them to send me some word games and I’m really glad I did. (I have no affliation with Hasbro, by the way.) I tried Boggle Jr. with the six-year-old I’m working […]


Hallowe’en books for kids

Now’s the time to start gathering Hallowe’en books. It’s a great idea to have seasonal books, that only come out during certain holidays like Hallowe’en, Hannukah, Easter, or Christmas. Most of your child’s favourite authors will likely have at least one Hallowe’en book. The Berenstain Bears, Robert Munsch, Clifford, Froggie, […]

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Writing in light

So, here’s a pretty cool product. Crayola’s Glow Station is essentially a flexible white board made of a phosphorescent material. It comes with a pen-flashlight so kids can “write” (or draw) using light. At first, I thought it was a one-trick pony. My son used it the first time for […]

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"I’m bored!"

We said it to our parents – your kid says it to you. You’ve hated hearing it in the past. But the next time he says “I’m bored!” you’re going to love it. Here’s what to do: The next time you’re in a book store or a corner store, check […]

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Singin’ in the Brain

Singing helps children learn to read When my son was little, our life was a musical. If I could sing something rather than say it, I would. “We’re… puttin’ our shoes now, tying up the laces, goin’ to the park!” (to the tune of Top Hat, White Tie and Tails). […]

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Attention grandparents

Here’s a great gift idea. It’s a personalized book from Kids Shared Book.com. You visit the website and choose a book; there are a lot of great classics. I chose “The Prince and the Pauper.” Then you type in a message for the first page. I wrote: This is a […]

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Tag helps kids read, learn

“Tag” could be a great learning device for your not-big-on-reading child. It’s essentially a wireless, electronic pen. When you poke a special “Tag” book with it, the book talks. Kids can hear the story, listen to the characters speak, play games and identify words.You have to use the Tag books, […]