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Taboo Buzz’d will get ’em reading

Here’s a really fun game that will get your kids reading, and they won’t even knowing they’re practising their reading. Best of all, this game is electronic, which will make kids like it even more. Taboo is a popular board game–Taboo Buzz’d is an electronic version of it. You have to get your partner(s) […]

bubble-pin; image at http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/01/angel-turned-vc-mike-maples-yes-theres-a-bubble/
Reading theory

Bubbles are fragile things

I resolve not to burst my kid’s bubble. I’ve been noticing lately that kids are subjected to a lot of scolding. The problem with scolding is that it can so easily be the cold bucket of water that douses the flames of creativity. Here’s what I mean. Kid: “Hey mom, […]