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Boys’ and girls’ brains develop differently

Part II of our coverage of Dr. Leonard Sax’s seminar in Toronto about how boys and girls learn.It’s not that boys’ brains develop more slowly than girls’ brains, according to Leonard Sax. “It’s more nuanced than that.” Researchers have found that:* the areas of the brain involved in language and […]

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One-Page Wonders

A fun, one-page book your child will want to read. Here is an awesome, one-page book you make. There are three simple steps: 1) Download the .pdf of instructions. 2) Download and print the .pdf of the book (colour). 3) Fold the book according to the instructions. OK, a fourth […]

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The Twilight series

What you need to know about Twilight. So you’ve heard about the Twilight series and you’re wondering if you should get the books for your daughter. There are four books in the series: Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Here’s what you need to know about Twilight: 1) What […]

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Cartooning for Kids

When kids write… they read. Adventures in Cartooning is a great book that teaches kids how to do their own cartoons.And they don’t have to be great at drawing, either. The book uses an engaging story line to take the reader through the process of building their own cartoon. Before […]

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Nancy’s Book of Poems

You may remember Nancy, from our Sept. 18 post. She’s the little girl who wasn’t terribly keen on reading. Her mom and I discussed getting her to write about something she’s interested in. Well, Nancy and her mom took the idea and ran with it! We’re pleased to present her […]