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bubble-pin; image at http://techcrunch.com/2011/03/01/angel-turned-vc-mike-maples-yes-theres-a-bubble/
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Bubbles are fragile things

I resolve not to burst my kid’s bubble. I’ve been noticing lately that kids are subjected to a lot of scolding. The problem with scolding is that it can so easily be the cold bucket of water that douses the flames of creativity. Here’s what I mean. Kid: “Hey mom, […]

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Give your kid more – he can handle it

Every new mom knows that her baby understands more than he can say. You say to a baby, “milk!” and that baby brightens right up. Long before he can speak, he understands.

That amazing, ahead-of-the-curve process never stops, as long as kids are constantly challenged with new ideas and offered the chance to learn new skills.

I’m not advocating French flash cards for infants or War and Peace for a toddler. But I am saying that your kids can handle more than you think.