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silent E
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Silent E

Here is a great video that teaches what Silent E does. (Spoiler alert: For one thing, it makes a hug huge!) Thanks to thekidshouldseethis.com, who brought this to my attention via a tweet. Their website is fantastic – it’s a collection of videos that kids just gotta see. And if you’re in […]


Get your video-kid reading

Kids can be into video games and enjoy reading, too! Your child loves video games but isn’t a big reader? No problem. Here are some tips that will get your video-loving kid reading. 1) GO WITH THE FLOW. Studies show that kids are more apt to read things that interest […]


Getting active kids reading

Sitting and reading is not the only way. At age five, girls are able to sit still and listen about 2.5 times longer than boys, according to studies. But we don’t need research to tell us that most boys would rather get up and move around than sit and read. […]