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Great books

Willy Wonka to the rescue

Willy Wonka has been a huge success. As you may remember from a previous post, my son and I were looking for a book to read aloud, and I stumbled upon Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Raold Dahl. We read it in the course of about five nights and […]

Crafts Games

One-Page Wonders

A fun, one-page book your child will want to read. Here is an awesome, one-page book you make. There are three simple steps: 1) Download the .pdf of instructions. 2) Download and print the .pdf of the book (colour). 3) Fold the book according to the instructions. OK, a fourth […]

Reading theory

Time for a little Spring cleaning

It must be Spring.This week I found myself on the floor, in front of my son’s bookshelves, clearing out and arranging. The shelves were getting too squished, and they weren’t really… well, appealing. My theory is that books should be laid out like beautiful fruits, ripe for the picking. His […]


How to get mail

Getting mail is fun. Remember when you were little, and some mail came addressed to you? It was fantastic! And of course, when kids get mail… they read it. Here are some ways to help your child get some mail: *You get mail when you send mail. Help your child […]


Lunchbox surprise

Put a note in their lunchbox. I like to put a little note in with my son’s lunch. Notes are great for kids who aren’t that into reading because they’re short, they’re fun, and they’re from mom. I keep my notes to the point, and very upbeat. Something like: “Hope […]

Crafts Girls Successes

Nancy’s Book of Poems

You may remember Nancy, from our Sept. 18 post. She’s the little girl who wasn’t terribly keen on reading. Her mom and I discussed getting her to write about something she’s interested in. Well, Nancy and her mom took the idea and ran with it! We’re pleased to present her […]