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Great books

Books to read before the movies come out

Buzzfeed has produced a terrific list of books to read this year before their corresponding movies come out. I’m a huge proponent of movies based on books because I think it helps to get kids reading. I call them “book extensions.” There are many other “book extensions,” including video games, websites […]

Boys Crafts

Mother-Son bookclub part II

Our mother-son book club met again this week. It’s a great example of parents taking their children’s literacy into their own hands. And anyone can do it – you can do it. The boys drew, read, wrote, ate, chatted, answered quiz questions and had an amazing time. Once again, the […]

Boys Great books

The Red Pyramid

Looking for the next great book? Here’s a conversation I’ve had a couple of times recently: Parent: “I need a good book for my son.” Me: “What books has he already enjoyed?” And then the list goes like this, not necessarily in this order: * The Bone series * Diary […]

Crafts Tips

Get involved in your child’s school

Enrich your child’s learning, help your teacher, get involved. I despair when parents complain that their kids aren’t getting what they need from their school. I despair, not because the children aren’t getting what they need from their school, but because we parents have been conditioned to accept those terms […]


The Internet helps kids read

The Internet can help to get kids reading, according to a 2008 Scholastic Kids and Family Reading study. In an article in the Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota), journalist Pamela Krueger says the study shows that: *Kids who use the Internet are more likely to read a book for fun.*Two-thirds of […]


The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary

Just when you thought the Wimpy Kid series couldn’t get any better, author Jeff Kinney has outdone himself. He’s created The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary—a non-fiction version of the Wimpy Kid books. How great is that? We know how much kids love the Wimpy Kid books. And then there was […]


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Movie

My son and I saw the movie Diary of a Wimpy Kid the other day. As you know, the books are hugely popular with boys and girls of all ages. But I was leery about the movie. I pictured one of those “revenge of the nerds” types of movies, where […]