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Alfie Kohn, speaking in Ottawa in 2010. Image: M. Gifford, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mgifford/

In praise of praising

I read an article in which the author says, basically, most praise is bad. It stayed with me, because: 1) I know that as a parent I probably do praise too much; and 2) he’s probably right; and 3) I’m not going to stop praising my son. Alfie Kohn is a […]

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Give your kid more – he can handle it

Every new mom knows that her baby understands more than he can say. You say to a baby, “milk!” and that baby brightens right up. Long before he can speak, he understands.

That amazing, ahead-of-the-curve process never stops, as long as kids are constantly challenged with new ideas and offered the chance to learn new skills.

I’m not advocating French flash cards for infants or War and Peace for a toddler. But I am saying that your kids can handle more than you think.

Two boys reading

What does work

What does work.

Reading to your kid every day. The number-one thing you can do to create a reader.

Letting him see you read. Kids do what their parents do. If you don’t enjoy reading – fake it. Or read magazines or comic books or something.

Surrounding your kid with books. Access to books gives a kid ownership and once they feel entitled to books they’re more likely to casually pick them up – now and throughout their life.