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Reading as a part-time job

One mom found an interesting way to get her daughter reading. She paid her. I think that’s really interesting. Now, as this mom told us about what she’d done, she cringed a little—she knew full well that bribery is not the best way to hook a kid on reading. She […]


Teaching long and short vowel sounds

I’m going to be working with an eight-year-old to teach him long and short vowel sounds. I know him fairly well, so I know he’s into Lego, and computers and art. So I’ve come up with some activities that take advantage of those interests. I’m going to start by asking […]


GKR strategies at work

Last month, I talked to a mom whose son wasn’t reading. She was really distraught about it, and was searching for ways to get him interested in picking up a book. I gave her some suggestions:*Since her son is active, go for a walk and the read signs and ads […]

Great books

Willy Wonka to the rescue

Willy Wonka has been a huge success. As you may remember from a previous post, my son and I were looking for a book to read aloud, and I stumbled upon Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, by Raold Dahl. We read it in the course of about five nights and […]