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Set up summer reading rewards

Stats show that kids who read throughout the summer have a great kick-start to school in September. And kids who don’t, typically start the school year a bit behind. With the school year ending, now’s the time to plan your child’s summer reading and writing projects. Does your library have […]


Numeracy activities

A few posts ago, I listed some great literacy activities from our school board. Here are some numeracy activities to get kids doing math (same source, TDSB). Again, I’ve put in bold the ones I think are particularly interesting. Estimate speed/distance/time relationships while travelling with your family. What was the […]


Offering a healthy choice

My son doesn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. And I think that one reason is that I often take the easy route instead of the healthy one. Let’s say he has 10 minutes before his baseball game – he’s starving, but he’s late. “Mom! I’m hungry!” I will usually make […]

Crafts Tips

Get involved in your child’s school

Enrich your child’s learning, help your teacher, get involved. I despair when parents complain that their kids aren’t getting what they need from their school. I despair, not because the children aren’t getting what they need from their school, but because we parents have been conditioned to accept those terms […]

1-hour ideas Crafts

Current events

I’ve been doing current events at my son’s school. I approached my son’s teacher a few weeks ago, and proposed a weekly, half-hour current events discussion for the grade 3 / 4 class. My son’s teacher is very cool, and progressive and totally supported the idea. He also helped to […]


Quick and easy literacy activities

Our school board issued a list of great literacy activities. They’re simple and fun, and are great examples of what I like to call “guerilla literacy” – using tons of little tactics here and there that add up to… a kid who likes to read. You may want to print […]


A good teacher – the most important thing

Sometimes, the research catches up with what mothers already know. “Everything the world has learned about education shows that the quality of the teacher is the most important factor in a student’s success.” –The Toronto Star, reporting on a speech given by Malcolm Gladwell, author of the bestselling Blink and […]


Reading is a language

My son called me over. “Mom,” he said,”remember when I used to look at a word like ‘fox’ and I’d sit there, trying to sound it out? And it would take forever?!” “Yes,” I said. “Well, isn’t it funny,” he said, “that now I just blast through sentences and pages […]


Tips from an editor

Here’s a tip that may help your child’s writing. Half of me (professionally) is a writer, and the other half is an editor. I edit books, articles and speeches; I’ve been doing it about 20 years or so, and over the years I’ve discovered some common traps people get into […]