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Gross-abulary, bacteria card
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Big on literacy… big on gross

GROSS-ABULARY is very up-front about what it is. It’s a literacy game that’s gross. And we all know that kids—okay, especially boys—love gross. If your kid is “one of those,” then GROSS-ABULARY will be right up his alley. It’s a game about building gross sentences, using starter concepts like belch, armpit and […]

Ji Ga Zo puzzle

Contest! Win a Ji Ga Zo puzzle

What is the best literacy activity you’ve done with your kids to help get them reading? The three top answers will be shared here and will win a Ji Ga Zo puzzle, courtesy of Hasbro and Getting Kids Reading. The contest ends on Saturday, April 2 so get your answer(s) […]

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Brain game: Connections

Here’s a fun game we were playing at the dinner table recently. It’s called “Connections,” and it’s great to help with creativity and get the blood flowing to the ol’ brain cells – not just for your kids but for you, too. You start. You name two objects that seemingly […]