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Valentine’s Day literacy activities

1. Think of words that rhyme and write a poem for a loved one.

2. Create personalized Valentine’s Day cards and write each other loving messages. Cut out words and letters from magazines to make them extra unique.

3. Bake Valentine’s Day cupcakes and use candy heart notes or icing to write a sweet message.

4. Play a “Valentine’s Day edition” game of Scrabble® and score double points when you spell a word about love.

5. Show yours kids you love them by reading a love-themed book together, like Clifford’s Valentine’s Day.

6. Research the meaning behind Valentine’s Day.

Holidays provide a great opportunity to incorporate creativity and imagination with fun literacy-related activities to be enjoyed individually or as a family. Benefit from literacy by spending 15 minutes a day reading, writing, playing a game or following a recipe.

15-min. ideas

Great game: "No it wasn’t"

Here’s a great game that can spark an interest in plot and character. (And giggling and goofiness.) By Jennifer A. Nielsen A great road trip game is called “No, It Wasn’t.” It’s played with partners. One begins telling a story—any story. The other interrupts as often you like with, “No, it wasn’t”—or any […]

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Mother-Son book club

My friend Joulie is a supermom. That needs to be said right off the bat. There is no way to live up to the things that Joulie does with her kids. And for the kids at the school. And for the neighbourhood kids. Luckily, I don’t have to be as good […]


"Picture It" book giveaway

“Picture It” picture book giveaway. Toronto hosted Word on the Street on Sunday. I’m always blown away by the sheer number of people who come out to the one-day festival. There are kids’ literature lovers, fantasy and sci-fi afficiandoes, magazines, alt literature – even Harlequin had a booth. I picked […]

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Blocks With Letters On 3

Oh my, this one’s tricky! If you have a kid who’s a real fan of puzzles, he’ll love the newest Blocks With Letters On online game – their third in the series. Once again, you have to figure out what word the jumbled letters spell, and then try to manipulate […]

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Scrabble Flash (Boggle Flash)

Don’t you wish there was a board game that encourages literacy – but which your kid would actually enjoy? Scrabble Flash goes one better… it’s also electronic, which kids love. And it’s completely portable, packing down into a little holder about the size of a small TV remote. (Which parents […]

15-min. ideas Games

License Plate Game

Our family recently took an 11-hour car trip. And guess what we did in the car? Played Julia’s License Plate Game. It was great! First of all, it took our son away from his DS video game (curse you, Pokemon!). Secondly, it did exactly what Julia said it would – […]