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The best Canadian picture books

Julie Booker is an author, a teacher, a librarian and last but not least, the mom of twin toddlers. All this to say, she knows her picture books! Her Canadian summer picture book reading list was recently published here on 49th Shelf, an awesome Canadian book website. Below is her list […]

Rory Story Cubes
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Rory’s Story Cubes – simple, elegant literacy fun

Here is a simple, elegant, wonderful game that’s great for: • Story-building • Fostering imagination • Putting events in sequence • Inspiration for writing a story • Staving off boredom while you’re waiting at a restaurant • General all-round silliness. There are nine dice. Each one has six simple pictures. For instance, a happy […]

My bookshelf
Great books

Why your kid needs a bookshelf

My bookshelf and my books have been held captive in my attic for eight years. Last week I hired a professional organizer. Long-story short, my bookshelf is now where it belongs – in my home-office, with all of my favourite books on it. There’s the Pelican Shakespeare, with the tissue paper leaves; The […]