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The three main factors

Your attitude shapes your kids’ attitudes.

Researchers recorded years’ worth of everyday interactions across a wide range of families. They discovered three main factors that predict whether a child will be a successful reader.

1) Parents’ attitudes about reading
Even in communities without bookstores or libraries, if the parents showed children in many different ways that reading is essential, the kids were more successful. The parents also read to their children daily.

2) Having books around
The kids who had an ever-present supply of books were more likely to succeed at reading. This finding is also supported in the book, “Freakonomics.”

3) Affirmation
Parents and caregivers who regularly supported their kids through positive statements like, “I’m glad to see you reading,” or “What a great book!” helped ensure that their children would be successful readers.

Children succeed when you expect them to succeed. Foster a reading culture in your home, and keep your attitude about reading upbeat, and they’ll want to read because it’ll be fun.

Source: This research study was cited in the booklet, “Raising Kids Who Read,” by Carolyn Munson-Benson, funded by the National Literacy Secretariat, Social Development Canada and YMCA Canada. I wish I had more specifics about this particular research study. I can tell you that these findings are reflected in much of the literature I’ve read about creating successful readers.

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