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Potter Puppet Pals

Here’s something cool you can share with your child.

It’s unique, cool and fun – and it’s related to reading. And maybe your kid already knows about it, or maybe you’re about to be the coolest parent ever.

It’s Potter Puppet Pals.

It’s a series of videos on YouTube, and I’m not kidding they have, like, two million views each. Million. As your kid would say, “it’s siiiiick.”

I have no idea why these utterly ridiculous puppet shows, each one to three minutes long, featuring characters from the Harry Potter series, are so darned compelling. But they are. And funny!

Actually, you know what? I can’t explain. Check it out for yourself.
Start with The Mysterious Ticking Noise, and then Wizard Swears (there’s no swearing), and then School is for Losers (not as bad as it sounds – and just 30 seconds long).

You should definitely watch them first, just to make sure they’re appropriate for your child. But while the humour’s a teeny bit edgy, it’s all in good fun.

Here’s the great part – if your child hasn’t read the Potter books, he’s not going to “get” the videos. So, the videos are a great incentive for reading: “Read the first Harry Potter book and then I’ll let you watch some cool YouTube videos I found.” Or a reward, “Since you read that Harry Potter book, I’ll show you something really funny on YouTube.”
Coooool parent.

This is the kind of cool thing that we parents need to have in our hip pockets. And seriously, that Snape puppet? Now that is funny.
I’ve provided the YouTube links to the videos. There is also a Potter Puppet Pals website that has ’em. The problem with the website is that it has extra stuff that may not – or is definitely not – appropriate for kids, such as users’ comments. It’s not a bad site, but you need to watch it with your kid to avoid the inappropriate stuff. On the other hand, if your kid is over 15, give them the website and tell them – “go nuts!”

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