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Goofy titles draw kids in

If you lie, your butt will grow.

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but my son sure wants to read this book.

We were at the library today. I was trying to get my son to check out some books. He was more interested in the computer game the kid next to him was playing.

And then I saw – a-aaah! – this book. “Tell a lie and your butt will grow,” by Dan Greenburg. I passed it over to my son, and it got his attention instantly.

He stopped looking at the computer. He started giggling. He got red in the face he was giggling so hard. He couldn’t believe they would put that title on a book!

Now, here’s another example of why I love series so much. Bless Dan Greenburg’s socks, he wrote a number of these “The Zack Files” books, so I was able to get a handful. The first one, with the Butt title, has drawn my son in – and having read one, I know he’ll read the others.

Update – Sept. 10, 2009 – OK, so my son didn’t take to the Zack Files books. Fortunately, he did read all six of the “My Weird School” series that I got out of the library the same day. Meh. (However, I still think that the “butt” book got him on the reading track.) Anyhoo, I’ll do a review of the “My Weird School” series in an upcoming post.

I tossed all of the Zack Files books onto my son’s bed. This is a great trick for parents – put new books somewhere really accessible. When he wakes up tomorrow morning, he’s going to run across the books, and, well let’s just say he’ll be delayed for breakfast. In a good way.

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