Family Literacy Day – Jan. 27

Today is Family Literacy Day.

This is the day!

It’s the day you and your kid:

1) Read together.

2) Talk about your favourite book.

3) Listen to a book on tape.

4) Write each other a letter, which you drop in the mail for each other. Surprise!

5) Vote for your favourite children’s books here.

6) Go to the library.

7) Create a storybook about your child. (Here’s how.)

8) Cook something together – your child reads the recipe as you go along.

9) Read together.

Happy Family Literacy Day.
I hope you enjoy celebrating it with your family.

We will celebrate by continuing to read The Mysterious Benedict Society (the second book) together, just before my son… falls…. asleep… to dream mysterious dreams.
The picture – no, it’s not me and my son but I just love it. They’re so into reading together! Ooooh, Family Literacy Day. It’s such a cosy celebration.

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  1. Jen Robinson

    Happy Family Literacy Day, Joyce! Thanks for the suggestions.

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