The Internet helps kids read

The Internet can help to get kids reading, according to a 2008 Scholastic Kids and Family Reading study. In an article in the Bismarck Tribune (North Dakota), journalist Pamela Krueger says the study shows that:

*Kids who use the Internet are more likely to read a book for fun.
*Two-thirds of children aged 9 to 17 go online in order to broaden their reading experience (in other words, for reading extensions).
*Kids who are low-frequency readers prefer to read online rather than books.

The article suggests that your child look up their favourite author on the Internet to learn more about them and find other books written by them, e-mail family and friends, or visit the American Library Association’s “Great Websites for Kids” page.

Here’s the article in full.
And here’s an article from GKR about how to get your video-loving kid reading books.

(Via a tweet from @JeanetteMcLeod.)

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  1. Tidy Books

    That's interesting, and thinking about it, the older children I know, who use the internet, are the book worms.

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