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Newest Twilight book – free

the short second life of bree tanner – by Stephenie Meyer

It’s hot off the press and today until July 5 it’s available free online here.

The book is a novella, only 178 pages, and its protagonist is one of the minor characters from Meyer’s earlier novel, Eclipse.

Bree Tanner is a “newborn vampire,” whose life is dangerous and ultimately tragic. The book is told through her voice, giving Twilight fans a chance to look at Eclipse in a completely different light.

As a parent, you should know that your girl will definitely want this book. That Chapters/Indigo is selling it for $9.99 when you purchase another teen book. And that it’s available online for free until July 5, 2010.

Even if you’re not planning on reading this book, check out the free online version – the technology is pretty interesting. You can increase the size of the print, view it as a one-page or two-page spread, and choose individual pages to read or just go through it all page by page.

If you’ve got a reluctant reader, this may be just the ticket. It’s a short book, full of action, easy to read and it’s online. Until July 5.

I bought the book yesterday and it only took me – I tend to be a very slow reader – an hour or so to get halfway through it. It’s interesting and it clips right along. And I like that Stephenie Meyer lets her readers into her thought process (in the Introduction) in terms of the way she thinks about her characters. She may get kids writing as well.


  1. PragmaticMom

    I wanted to share my list of Favorite Books for Reluctant Boy Readers Grades 3-5th at

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    Type A Parenting for the Modern World
    I blog on children's literature, education and parenting

  2. Joyce Grant

    There are some great ideas for boys here. Thanks!
    I'm going to try to make the link active (fingers crossed):

    PS: Is the Judy Blume selection also geared towards boys? I haven't read it yet so I don't know. It would be wonderful it she's got some boy-oriented books now.

  3. Joyce Grant

    Yeah… link didn't work. Sorry!

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  8. My only gripe with the Taskmaster mate (which is much better than its predecessor, yes) is that he’s missing his pistol and a web-line/rope, both of which he uses in the game. It’s not like they would have been new sculpts.

  9. Beautiful post! I especially love the story about Sip. And my son, too, desperately wants the Ninjago Super Sonic Raider, for the exact reasons your son stated. My brother wants to give it to my son for Christmas… he’s going to be so excited! And so proud of himself upon completion.

  10. Unlike last year, our visit to the pumpkin patch was not all smiles, laughs and cute photos. Naaman and I still don’t know what got into Landon that day. He was a sour puss, which is so unlike him. He is usually happy and inquisitive and excited to do something fun outside the house. This year’s visit, however, was kind of a disaster.

  11. This site is like a classroom, except I don’t hate it. lol

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