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Valentine’s Day literacy activities

Book heart Image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smichael/Use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do some fun literacy activities. (From ABC Canada.)

1. Think of words that rhyme and write a poem for a loved one.

 2. Create personalized Valentine’s Day cards and write each other loving messages. Cut out words and letters from magazines to make them extra unique.

 3. Bake Valentine’s Day cupcakes and use candy heart notes or icing to write a sweet message.

 4. Play a “Valentine’s Day edition” game of Scrabble and score double points when you spell a word about love.

 5. Show your kids you love them by reading a love-themed book together, like Clifford’s Valentine’s Day.

6. Research the meaning behind Valentine’s Day.

Holidays provide a great opportunity to incorporate creativity and imagination with fun literacy-related activities to be enjoyed individually or as a family. Benefit from literacy by spending 15 minutes a day reading, writing, playing a game or following a recipe.

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