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Collection of videos kids gotta see

the kid should see this screenshotYou’ve gotta love the spirit behind The Kid Should See This.

You’re trolling the Internet (as you do) and you come across a crazy video showing lightning strikes on the CN Tower, and you think “I’ve gotta show this to my kid!”

That’s exactly what TKSST is. A collection of fascinating, insane, edutaining, funny videos that your kid has just gotta see.

What’s on TKSST right now? Let’s see:

  • a bug walking across food colouring, showing how its feet slurry the water. (cool);
  • luminescent underwater creatures (way-cool);
  • an animated, artistic work by a Scottish-Canadian filmmaker (interesting for a certain kind of kid);
  • Dizzy Gillespie performing St. Louis Blues on the Muppet Show (groovy);
  • a comparison of how big all the planets are (science-y fun, especially when the other planets come out to dwarf our Earth in size);
  • a guy flying over the Grand Canyon in a jet-propelled, wearable wing (nature-cool);
  • a TED lecture about a robot that flies like a bird (way-cool).

The videos range from less than a minute to five or six minutes. But of course, you can fast-forward and skip to the best parts. The site is co-curated by Rion Nakaya and her three-year-old, Dante.

TKSST parses all the white-noise from the Internet down to just the best stuff that’s going to feed your child’s curiosity in a good way. Gotta love that.

Thanks, Val, for pointing us to this great website. Via swiss-miss.com (where I nabbed this screenshot from since I still don’t know how to do good ones myself).

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