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Draw a stickman.comYour kid will love this.

You draw a stick figure, and the website brings it to life.

There is a literacy component, because the site takes the stickman through a plotline. You’re given instructions like, “draw a key in my hand” before he can open a locked box.

Kids have to read and understand the instructions, and then figure out how to fulfill them.

(So like life.)

There’s plenty of action to keep kids interested in the story. I won’t spoil it for you, but think dragon, fire, flood… cartoony, though, not scary.

And throughout it all is a very quirky sense of silliness. For instance, at some point the site itself catches on fire and detritus drops on the dragon’s head. Stuff that kids love.

After you’ve finished the scenario – a couple of times, likely – take a look at the gallery. People have done some pretty incredible “stickmen,” like Steve Jobs, Gandolf, anime and other really inventive characters.

Visit www.drawastickman.com.



  1. i love this it is so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Vorrei sottolineare l'egregio lavoro svolto dal fotografo… e caro il di Ale moroso… tu nn assecondi, fai solo in maniera inappuntabile il tuo DOVERE (grande Gio!Aio!r!)gleeeee hai fatto proprio bene, lo sai che io sono sempre la fan N.1

  3. especially tha purses but in my opioin anything is better than jordans thats why im competing cause personally i need some sneakers, an pastrys would be great!

  4. Back in school, I’m doing so much learning.

  5. can’t happen. What our kids can’t do. What we can’t do. It’s easy to forget that the journey matters as much as the results. And often when you, even when you aren’t watching, all those little daily steps can take you some place wonderful.

  6. What a perfect combination of coconut and pineapple. I love both! These are such yummy treats! I had to laugh when I saw your message – I nominated you too! Thanks so much, Angie!! Your the best.

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